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Donald Maciver

Donald Maciver

Donald (1815-1894) was the son of Murdo Maciver and Mary Smith; it is not completely certain where the family were living at the time of his birth, but it is likely it was Old South Tolsta Tack.

By 1820 his father is listed on the sub-tenants list of Old South Tolsta Tack.

Donald's father died in 1825.

In 1830, during the croft lottings, Donald's mother obtained 22 Old South Tolsta. In due course this passed to Donald's younger brother, Roderick.

Donald married Margaret Maclean, of 31 Habost, but it is not certain where the couple lived during their early marriage and where their first three children were born. It seems likely it was either on his mother's or on his in-laws croft.

In 1841 Donald obtained 8 Old North Tolsta, after the previous occupant, Alexander Martin, emigrated to Quebec. The couple had a further three children there.

In 1853 the family obtained 32 North Tolsta, after the previous occupant, William Macleod, emigrated to Ontario. The couple had their last child there.

In 1857 Donald was widowed. He married again shortly after and his first child with his second wife, Anne Smith, was born in 1858. Anne was the widow of Norman Murray, of 28/29 South Dell, and Donald gained a step daughter, Isabella, through the marriage. The couple had six children together. In total Donald had thirteen children: six boys and even girls.

In due course 32 North Tolsta passed to Norman: the eldest son with his second wife.



Title: Donald Maciver
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 1815
Date of Death: 1894
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CET 1324
Record Maintained By: CET
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