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Margaret Maciver

Margaret Maciver

Margaret (1833-1904) was the daughter of Angus Maciver and Mary Macdonald; it is not certain where the family were living at the time of her birth, but it seems likely they were cottars at 19 Old South Tolsta.

In 1847 when her uncle died, and her aunt returned to Garrabost, her father inherited 19 Old South Tolsta. 

In 1851, during the croft relottings, the family obtained 28 North Tolsta.

Margaret married John Macinnes, whose family were cottars in Tolsta, and the couple settled as cottars at 28 North Tolsta. They had six children: four boys and two girls. Sadly three of their children died in childhood and one at 18, only one of their children is recorded as having married. Their son John deserted from the army and changed his name, so his fate is somewhat mysterious.



Title: Margaret Maciver
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Mairead Aonghais Eachainn
Date of Birth: 1833
Date of Death: 1904
Date of Marriage: 27-12-1866
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CET 1557
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 92288