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Murdo Macqueen

Murdo Macqueen

Murdo Macqueen (born 1808) was from Harris.

He became a weaver.

Murdo married Christina Macrae, of Harris; it is not known where the couple spent their early marriage or where their five children were born..

In 1851 the family obtained 51 North Tolsta, as a newly lotted croft.

In 1853 the family emigrated. 51 North Tolsta passed to Murdo Macdonald.


Title: Murdo Macqueen
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Murchadh Breabadair
Date of Birth: 1808
Occupation: Weaver
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CET 2560
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 93284