115580: 34 North Shawbost

In 1860, Angus Gillies moved to 29 North Shawbost and the tenancy of 34 North Shawbost went  to widow Rachel Mitchell of 47 North Shawbost. It then passed to Rachel’s son Donald; then to his cousin Andrew Matheson of 3 Crowlista, Uig. In 1899 Andrew died intestate. The tenancy passed to his brother John, of 3 Crowlista, Uig.

On 29th December 1900, John renounced the tenancy in favour of Catherine Mitchell, 47 North Shawbost, who resided with Andrew Matheson and took possession of his effects. 

Also on the croft, in part of the house, lived Catherine’s brother, Alexander, his wife and family. 

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Croft or Residence
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