2519: 6 Calbost

Norman Macleod, Tormod Choinneach was the original crofting tenant on croft 6 Calbost. He was one of four sons of the village that acquired new crofts in 1852. It appears that Norman was a landless cottar at Calbost for about 16 years before he acquired a croft of his own.

Tormod Choinneach’s kiln was sited beside the main road where there is a sheep dipper now on croft 6. The kiln was one of three in the village and in due course a tinker was staying in it for a while after it fell into disuse. The tinker was taking full part in the life of the village including fishing. He was also a piper and the young folk used to bring him a piece of black twist tobacco in exchange for a tune on the pipe. He use to say, man is modh am piece, san is modh am porst, or “the bigger the piece of tobacco the longer the tune”.

Norman (1815-1900) passed the croft to his son, Kenneth (1851-1940) and then to his son, Kenneth Norman (1904-1960).

Croft 6 is in two parts, having acquired an extension at the north end of the village about 1901.

Donald Macleod’s (1903-1996) father resided on croft 8 Calbost, but both father and mother died when Donald was still very young and he was brought up by his aunt at 20 Marvig where he built a house and resided there as a landless cottar until the 1960s when he acquired croft 6 Calbost.


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