38021: Vesta Case (matches)

Catalogue No. UIG_2004_0168

Object Name

Gaelic: Bocsa Lasadan

English: Vesta Case

Object Description/History:

Silver vesta case with gilt interior. Makers mark T.B., silver marks of an anchor in a square, a lion in a rectangle and the letter “i” in a rectangle. “Old no 27”, lid spring opening, exterior loop for chain, exterior decorated, striking plate at bottom.

Maker/Made at: T.B.

User/Used at: 8 Enaclete

Donor Information: Mrs Matheson, 8 Enaclete

Location: Uig Museum Date: 02.03.04

Overall size: (millimetres)

Length: 37

Width: 39

Height: 10

Record Type:
Object or Artefact
Type Of Object Artefact:
Record Maintained by:

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