45984: Letter from Kenneth Macleod

A letter from the Rev Kenneth Macleod to his niece, Seonag Aonghais Bhain before departing on his last mission to China in November 1920. He died of cholera in September 1921.


2 November 1920

My dear Joan,

We ought to have written you ere now. It has been such a rush since we left you – arrived in Liverpool by 6am and had breakfast with a Mr Stephen Menzies, then we came on to London. Next day I went to South Devon to visit a Mr Gill and got back on Saturday. Since then – yesterday and today we have been very busy and now everything is packed – one more packing! – one more sleep in Britain, the 119th since we left China! And early in the morning we go on to Liverpool and sail about 3pm. Pray for us.

I have sent you today a Study Bible; read it through, read the notes, you will find them helpful, I have. I have used it for years now. One for Annabella that I promised her I send with yours and you will please give it to her when she comes to Glasgow and if she doesn’t come, sent it to her with my love.

Now goodbye. Wishing you were going with us – your prayers are, we know.

Your loving Uncle and Aunt,

Kenneth and K.

Colossians 3 v. 15

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts …

Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly …

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