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  • Calbost Genealogy

    Genealogy of Calbost Crofts


    £4.00 Digital PDF

  • Dìoghlum

    Kinloch Historical Society's magazine, published each July (from 2008).

    £2.50 Digital PDF

  • Dìoghlum

    Shorter December editions of Kinloch Historical Society's magazine (from 2013).

    £1.50 Digital PDF

  • Eilean Chaluim Chille

    An introduction to Eilean Chaluim Chille, one of the very earliest Christian sites in Lewis.

    £4.00 Digital PDF

  • End of an Era

    The history and memories of the schools in the Kinloch area over nearly 300 years.

    £8.00 Digital PDF

  • Gleanings

    Kinloch croft histories as a series of PDFs.


    £5.00 each

  • History of Calbost

    A brief history of Calbost, compiled in 2006.


    £4.00 Digital PDF

  • History of Cromore

    A brief history of Cromore, compiled in 2001.


    £4.00 Digital PDF

  • History of Gravir

    A brief history of Gravir, compiled in 2009.

    £4.00 Digital PDF