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Distressing Accident in the North Minch

Distressing Accident in the North Minch

Gravir men lost at sea

On Thursday 16th January at about 3 o'clock pm a small fishing boat with lug-sail left Stornoway quay for Graver [Gravir], in the Parish of Lochs, with four married men, two lads, and six bolls of oatmeal on board. The weather was very moderate at the time the boat left Stornoway, but before reaching Luiribost [Leurbost] she encountered a heavy gale. She was seen on passing Ranish, and it is supposed she was swamped in attempting to turn for the purpose of running into Loch Grimshad [Grimshader] for shelter. All were lost; and it is melancholy to reflect that each of the men has left a widow and family. The oars, part of the boat, and a bag of meal, went ashore at Knock. The names of the men are Donald Macmillan, Roderick Campbell, Alex Campbell (brothers), and John Macphail; one of the boys was a [Neil] Carmichael, the name of the other your correspondent did not ascertain. Up to this time, the bodies have not been recovered.

Extract from the Oban Times, 25 January 1873

Title: Distressing Accident in the North Minch
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Date: 16-01-1873
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