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War Weddings: Macivers in Uig

War Weddings: Macivers in Uig

Excerpt from Stornoway Gazette and West Coast Advertiser


January 19, 1917

WAR WEDDINGS - On New Year's week a number of our brave soldier and sailor lads were home on leave. Amongst them were the brothers, Sergt. John Maclver, Australians, and Corpl. Duncan Maclver, Seaforths, both of 9 Aird Uig. They left here on the 5th as Sergt. Maclver was to get married in Glasgow the following Monday. The young lady is a native of Islay. He had to leave for France the following day. Corpl. Maclver is home recuperating. He got 'gassed' in October last and is now convalescing. He has seen and done a lot of hard fighting on the Somme and elsewhere. John MacLeod, R.N.R., was home at the same time. Peter Buchanan, R.N.R., Crowlista, left for his base in Dover on Tuesday. On that day there was another war wedding in Glasgow, Mr. Angus Maclver, R.N.R., Kneep, being married to Miss Margaret MacDonald, Geshader. They were welcomed at Kneep on their return by a number of friends. Mr. Maclver is the son of a veteran ("A' Saighdear"), who did good service in the Egyptian campaign many years ago.


Title: War Weddings: Macivers in Uig
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