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Mr Paterson's retirement party

Mr Paterson's retirement party

A Headmaster retires from Knockiandue School; from the Stornoway Gazette, 1926

On Friday evening, the 3rd inst, a lage number of ladies and gentlemen, old pupils, and others, met in Knockiandue Public School for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr Paterson on the occasion of his resignation as headmaster of the school, as a mark of the public's appreciation of his faithful service for almost 26 years. The presentation was made by Dr Campbell, Keose, who was called to the chair. He said he personally felt it a great honour that they should ask him to preside there that evening. At the same time he felt sure that he could but very adequately express the admiration they all had for the retiring headmaster of Knockiandue Public School, in whose honour they had come there in order to bid him a formal farewell. The community, with whom he had been associated so long, viewed the prospect of his retirement with sorrow. They realised they were losing an able teacher, who was highly devoted to the welfare of their children and for this reason they had come to regard him with respect and affection.

Mr Paterson replying said that from the bottom of his heart he thanked them all for the past kindness to him and for the honour to pass the noiseless tenor of his way among the heather hills of their sequestered isle. They could, therefore, understand when he looked back on the many happy years he had spent in their midst what a deep wrench it was to him to part with them all and it was with sorrow he was about to say goodbye to the staff and pupils, between himself and whom the happiest relationship had always existed. In conclusion, he bade them all a fond farewell and prayed that happiness and prosperity would abide with them all and their native isle.


Title: Mr Paterson's retirement party
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Date: 1926
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