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The Doctor (Innis Fada)

The Doctor (Innis Fada)

Weary the road to Limrooay
Ochone, the road to Limrooay
We'll never get back to Limrooay
Before the break o'morning

The ferry first; and the sail's soon wet
For Garyvard our course is set;
A squall comes down, and she heels to it,
It's a "Come at once" from Limrooay.

The Doctor's tired and soaked to the boot;
He's ice and fire from head to foot;
But his order's there, and he's got his route:
And it's haste and haste to Limrooay.

Here's Garyvard; and they're up the glen,
Out on a moor that's out o' his ken;
But his guides are good (they're Gravir men),
Safe scouts through the night to Limrooay.

Moss and heather, with peat-bogs to leap;
Follow my leader where gullies are steep;
Skirting the lochans, scaring the sheep;
Four hurrying men for Limrooay.

Yonder at last the highway's spied,
Where it twists and turns on the mountain side;
And we're out on the hard and the bog defined;
We've the road - the road to Limrooay.

Up and up to the water-shed,
Over the hill the grey path's led;
Then it slithers down; and a done man's sped,
Fast - fast to the crofts at Limrooay.

Can I forget you, kindly folk -
Hallan and loom and blue peat-smoke;
Bed and ailing one; dark eyes that spoke
Glad thanks for our race to Limrooay.

O, the gentle tongue o' Limrooay,
The warm hearts o' Limrooay,
Made the long road back from Limrooay
Short o'er the break o' morning.


Title: The Doctor (Innis Fada)
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Type: Poem
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