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Bernera School Log for 1900 - January to June

Bernera School Log for 1900 - January to June

Extracts from Bernera School Log for 1900

Jan 22 - The attendance is very thin, partly owing to severe weather and to a fever scare in the Tobson district. It is reported that the Catechist's family (Mr Murray) in Tobson are all laid up with Scarlet fever.

Jan 26 - Outbreak of measles in school district. Parents reluctant to send out their childen until the exact extent of the sickness in ascertained. Average for this week is the lowest for the year to date.

Jan 29 - Left school in charge of Mr Mackenzie - ex pupil-teacher and went to Callanish for Dr Macpherson to enquire into the case of measles in the district. He wired he would come to Bernera tomorrow.

Jan 31 - Measles spreading - four families affected in Breaclete. Dr Macpherson has not yet arrived.

Feb 5 - Copy of medical certificate for closing the school:
On account of an outbreak of Scarlatina in the island of Bernera, it was found necessary to close the public school on Monday Feb 5th 1900 - signed Hugh Macpherson L.R.C.P.S.E. Medical officer, Garynahine

May 7 - School is reopened today. Attendance is very thin.

May 21 - Today is observed as a general holiday, authorised by the Manager, for the relief of Mafeking in South Africa.

June 6 - Copy of H.M.I. Report for the year ending March 31st 1900:
Uig Bernera Public School - "I am to direct your attention to the conditions as the hours of service per week in Section 1 of the P.I. Memorandum of Agreement, which would appear from the entries on Form 9(b) to have been overlooked. These conditions must in future be strictly observed. Grants under Article 19e are paid in respect of John Macinnes and Mary Ann Macdonald. No payment can be made under Article 19e for A. Macdonald as she is not required by Article 32c."
Average for year 82. Grant 125.10.7. Have asked the Clerk of the Board to write the Department and claim the grant under article 19e for Ann Macdonald. Though not required by Article 32c she is employed as a bilingual Pupil-Teacher under Article 19e.

June 26 - The measles continue to spread in the Hacklete district. Parents whose children have not taken the measles, refuse to send them to school.

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