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Missionaries in Lemreway

Missionaries in Lemreway

A mission station was established in Lemreway shortly after 1900. In 1938 it was taken over by the Free Church, to which all of the villagers belonged. Missionaries were appointed and the list below represents most of those who were in service at Lemreway:

Murdo MacInnes 'Murchaidh Naill' from 32 Lemreway

Mr MacKay known as 'Mac Caoigh Cabhagach' from Tiree. He was latterly an evangelist

John MacIver from Uig, Lewis

C A Morrison from Leurbost

Robert MacLeod from Garenin,Carloway 'Rob an Earainn'

Murdo Macleod from Barvas 'Murchaidh Gorrie'

Teallach Murray from Ness

Donald Smith from Aird, Point 'Dollaidh Dhomhnaill Ruadh

This was when many of the congregation moved across to the Church of Scotland and following this ministers were appointed:

Rev William Mackenzie, Airidhabhruaich

Rev Donald Macaulay, Bernera (later Convener of Western Isles Council)


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