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The People of Marvig

The People of Marvig

Angus Macleod, Calbost and Marybank, rated the talent in Marvig highly:

Of all the villages in Park, Marvig is outstanding as a village of music, song and humour. Coming readily to mind is Robert Finlayson 1865-1916, 2 Marvig (Role Domhnaill). He was a prolific composer of Gaelic verse, mainly in the satirical vein; unfortunately most of his work is lost. It was Donald his brother who composed the well-known Gaelic song, An-Daisy, in praise of the zulu sail fishing boat returning home from the Wick Herring Fishing in a strong favourable wind (Bata Dhomhnaill Phadruig).

Then Rev Angus Finlayson, Croft 8, the same Finlaysons. His well known Durach Teachdaire Chriosd, beginning with, Tha Sgeul agam ri h-aithris....

Murdani Kennedy, Croft 13, is a prolific composer; Oran na Beart is well known among many others.

The MacDonald Brothers of Hector and John, and others. Then there were quite a number of pipers, perhaps Fido, Donald Macdonald, being one of the outstand pipers of his day.

Then there were two Gospel Ministers, Rev Angus Finlayson and Rev Alastair Macfarlane and a formidable list of men or Church office bearers. Both of these ministers and Murdani were accomplished Gaelic singers in the National Class. There were plenty of fishing skippers and three deep sea captains and quite a few schoolteachers and head teachers, and various others too numerous too mention, business people etc.

Title: The People of Marvig
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