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Red Cross Work in Uig

Red Cross Work in Uig

Stornoway Gazette: Local and District News, Uig


One day last week, Mrs. MacLeod, Lochcroistean, suggested to the girls in the sewing class that it was time they were doing something in the way of collecting for Red Cross work. Two or three little girls from each township at once volunteered, with the gratifying result that, by Friday evening, they arrived at the schoolhouse with 28 doz. eggs and 4 14s 6d in money, collected as follows:

Carishader (collectors - Misses Mary Gillies and Dolina MacDonald) - 19s 6d and 4 eggs;

Geshader (collectors - Misses Jessie Ann MacLeod and Mary MacDonald) - 1 Is and 7 doz. and 10 eggs;

Ungishader (collectors - Misses Bella MacDonald, Katie Ann MacDonald and Jessie MacLeod) - 1 1s and 5 doz. and 1 eggs;

Eneclete (collectors - Misses Annie MacLeod, Wilma MacLeod and Angusina MacDonald) - 8s and 7 doz, and 9 eggs;

Gisla, 1.

The eggs have been forwarded to the Hon. Secretary, N.E.C., Glasgow, and the money to Mrs Orrock, Stornoway, for the Car and Tea Fund.


Title: Red Cross Work in Uig
Record Type: Stories, Reports and Traditions
Type: Newspaper Article
Date: 1918
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