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Uig men on home leave, WW2

Uig men on home leave, WW2

Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News, West Uig

Friday, August 14 1942

ON LEAVE - We are pleased to welcome home on a short period of leave - Malcolm John Smith, R.N.R., 2 Ungishader. Since his last leave a year ago Malcolm John has seen a good deal of the activities of war. He was one of the shore party of the Vaagso raid, and escorted many convoys to Russia, running the gauntlet of Nazi air, submarine and surface craft attacks, and lastly his ship formed part of the escort for the now famous convoy to Malta.

Others home recently were - John MacDonald, R.N.H., 12 Carishader; Angus Maciver, R.N.R., 4 Geshader, and John MacDonald, M.N.. 8 Eneclete. Roderick Maclsaac, 5 Geshader, got his calling-up papers and left home to begin active service at an R.A.F. station.


Title: Uig men on home leave, WW2
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Date: 1942
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