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ST PETER'S CHURCH, PABAY MHOR - CEMETERY? (Undated), CHURCH (Medieval - 1266 AD to 1539 AD)

ST PETER'S CHURCH, PABAY MHOR - CEMETERY? (Undated), CHURCH (Medieval - 1266 AD to 1539 AD)


CEMETERY? (Undated)
CHURCH (Medieval - 1266 AD to 1539 AD)
Ruinous church, and possible burial ground


NB 10447 37700

NB13NW 1 1042 3769.

(NB 1042 3769 ) Church (NR)
OS 6"map, (1965)

The slight remains of a small church, built of stone and lime, rectangular on plan,and orientated almost ENE-WSW.
It measures abaout 20'9" by 13' internally with walls about 2'10" thick. The building is much dilapidated and only one window is traceable, towards the west end of the south wall. The best preserved part of the wall shows a height of 2'6" but the doorway is quite obliterated.
Martin mentions the church of St Peter in Pabbay Island which is presumably a reference to this site.
RCAHMS 1928; M Martin 1934.

A church, locally known as St Peter's Church, generally as described by RCAHMS. It is oriented NE-SW, with the window at the E end of the S wall.
There are traces of a chancel, denoted by a mutilated turf-covered wall showing little of its stonework. There is a local tradition of a burial ground, but there is no sign of it.
Visited by OS (A A) 8 July 1969.

NB 1042 3769 St Peter's church. There have been 'excavations' along some of the inside walls of the church, revealing a lot more of the structural detail than is given in the NMR. This has happened since the last time any of our party was there 2-3 years ago.
Carol Knott 7.8.2000

A few plain marker stones are visible in the turf of the surrounding mounded slope. The presence of a cemetery is therefore almost certain. The underlying mound also indicates that, as one would expect, the church is probably founded upon an earlier settlement site.
MML 2001

The monument known as St Peter's Church, Pabay Mor, Lewis, comprises the remains of a small church dedicated to St Peter on Pabay Mor. The surviving fabric is medieval in date but the Pabay place-name would suggest that there has been an early medieval church somewhere on the island. The area to be scheduled is a circle 40m in diameter, centred on the church, to include the church, graveyard and at least part of the settlement mound and an area around in which evidence for their construction and use may survive.
HS scheduling document, 2.2.2004


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Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.

Title: ST PETER'S CHURCH, PABAY MHOR - CEMETERY? (Undated), CHURCH (Medieval - 1266 AD to 1539 AD)
Record Type: All Records
Type: Church
Period: Medieval (1266-1539 AD)
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Grid Ref Easting: 110447
Grid Ref Northing: 937700
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