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Supplies for Gravir School

Supplies for Gravir School

In the Gravir School log, the headmaster Mr Kennedy (who had arrived in November 1943 and apparently found the stores bare) notes the arrival of supplies, beginning on 10 January 1944:

Two boxes arrived from the M.O.W. store, Edinburgh, containing the following: 1 kettle, 36 beakers, 12 teaspoons, 16 dessert knives, 16 dinner plates, 1 urn.

On 31 January 1944:

Two black-boards and two easels arrived today. Headmaster's desk repaired and fitted with lock and key. Lock and key also provided for stock cupboard.

On 7 February 1944:

Received the following gardening tools: 1 wheelbarrow, 5 spades, 3 rakes, 5 draw hoes, 4 dutch hoes, 9 shafts, 2 pairs gardening shears.

On 9 February 1944.

Consignment of books received today containing the following:

7 Elementary Gaelic Grammars

7 Leabhair Gàidhlig - Part I

8 Boyd's Spelling list

8 Cormack's Test Geography (British Empire)

21 Grant's Atlas

21 Chamber's School Dictionaries

7 Simplified Algebra - Part II

8 Holmes's Comprehensive Grammar - Part III

8 First Aid in English

7 Merchant of Venice

13 Gibson's Mental Arithmetic - Book IV

8 Mental Arithmetic - Part III

8 "Control" Tests

8 Holmes's Comprehensive Arithmetic - Book IV

3 MacDougall's Efficiency Arithmetic - Book IV

1 MacDougall's Efficiency Arithmetic - Book V

7 Royal Crown Readers - Book 6

10 Modern School Geometry - Part I

4 Gaelic Books - Part I

8 Leabhair na Cloinne Bige

4 Books of Verse - Part III

3 Britain beyond the Seas - Book VI

1 Cormack's Modern Reader - Part V

5 doz jotters, 5 doz exercise books #7, 2 doz colour work books, 13 science exercise books, 4 doz drawing copies, 3 doz rulers, 2 blackboard rulers, 8 boxes Reeves' crayons, 1 box pencils, 4 rubbers, 1 doz marking pencils (red), 13 Reeves' colour boxes, 1 box pen nibs, 2 doz penholders, 4 boxes drawing pins, 13 paint brushes, 4 dusters, 2 calendars, 3 timetables, 4 doz sheets imperial paper #58, 1 sweeping brush and handle

In contrast to this bounty, on 11 Feb the Headmaster reports:

A "Veritas" Paraffin Stove (3 burners) arrived today from Laxdale School. The three inspection windows are smashed, the three stands are broken and there are no wicks.

On 14 March 1944:

Spirit Lamp for Science arrived today. It was ordered in November.

20 March 1944:

Shed containing garden tools forced open during week-end and the following were stolen: 2 spades, 1 rake, 3 draw hoes, 1 dutch hoe and 1 fork. Police informed.

27 March 1944:

Received from Mr Mackay, Clerk to School Management Committee, 8 pairs Wellington boots. Chair for Headmaster's room arrived. It was ordered on 1st November 1943.

30 March 1944:

Received from Messrs Arnold, 13 copies of "Treasure Island".

14 April 1944:

Received from Messrs Arnold 1 map British Isles, small size. Received from Dingwall 1 bag artificial manure.

27 April 1944:

Received from Messrs Arnold the following books: 6 copies of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, 8 copies of Common Sense English Course, Junior Series, Book IV.

22 May 1944:

Received today a parcel from Messrs Arnold, Leeds, a parcel containing 13 copies of "Salute to Adventurers" by John Buchan.

29 May 1944:

Received today three gratings and six wicks for paraffin stove ordered on 11 February. The three inspection windows included in the order were missing.

This appears to be the end of Mr Kennedy's shopping spree.

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