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Duluth Monument to a Lewisman

Duluth Monument to a Lewisman

From the Stornoway Gazette, 3 June 1927:

To the courtesy of a correspondent we are indebted for a cutting from the "Duluth News Telegraph" of 8th May with reference to the proposed erection of a monument to a prominent Stornoway man, the late Mr Angus Roderick Macfarlane, who was one of Duluth's leading citizens.

The Mayor of Duluth, who is sponsoring the proposal, said, "I have thought that this small parcel of land so prominently located should be secured by the city and artistically developed, and that upon the rocky mound, with, of course, some preparation should be placed a monument of some kind or other, and it seems to me it would fitting to erect here a monument to the honour and memory of the late Mr AR Macfarlane, one of Duluth's most prominent citizens.


Angus Roderick Macfarlane was a native of Stornoway who had worked in banking on Toronto before being "headhunted" to lead the new American Exchange Bank in Duluth. See also the later report on the Lewis colony in Duluth.


Title: Duluth Monument to a Lewisman
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Date: 1927
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