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HMS Broke

HMS Broke

HMS Broke was built by J S White of Cowes, and was initially named Almirante Goñi. She was launched on the 25th May 1914.

In August 1914 the ship was purchased by the Admiralty and re-named HMS Broke.

She took part in the Battle of Jutland, in 1916, and was involved in a collision with the HMS Sparrowhawk. More information on this battle and the crew lost during it can be found at The Lives of The First World War website.

In April 1917 she took part in the Battle of Dover Strait, where she was severely damaged.

In May 1920 HMS Broke was sold to Chile and re-named Almirante Uribe. She was decommissioned and scrapped in 1933.



Title: HMS Broke
Record Type: Boats
Also Known As: Almirante Goñi; Almirante Uribe
Date Launched: 25-05-1914
Record Maintained By: HC
Subject Id: 111918