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Most of the local history information on this site is drawn directly from the collections of different comainn eachdraidh (local historical societies) in the Western Isles of Scotland, also known as the Outer Hebrides. This is supplemented by past website feedback from members of the public. Much of the content is oral history, passed down in the community for generations, and is offered as such. For genealogical research purposes, it should be seen as complementing but not replacing sources of statutory records.

Discrepancies may exist between our information and that available from other sources, and even between records on our website. This is in the nature of oral history records, though where discrepancies arise it should not be taken for granted that statutory written records, especially older ones, are correct. Please note, nonetheless, that you use the information on this website at your own risk, and we will not be held responsible for any losses or damage incurred through reliance on our content.

Most of the archaeological information on the website is featured courtesy of the Sites and Monuments Register (SMR), maintained by the local authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. The information was imported to the Hebridean Connections website in January 2006, and more recent changes to the SMR may not be reflected.

Copyright for all images, text and recordings on this website lies with Hebridean Connections or the relevant historical society, except where noted otherwise. In some cases, despite every effort being made, it was not possible to identify the copyright holders of certain images. If you believe an image is being used without permission, please contact us.

Copyrighted material may not be used in any form or for any purpose without our express permission. Where the copyright is held locally, images may be available for purchase in digital or printed form. Please contact us for details.

OS map data may only be viewed, temporarily cached for up to 24 hours, or printed for personal, non-commercial use.

We are interested in being informed of any errors you find on the site, and also in receiving additional information relating to any of the records. By submitting a comment or enquiry, you agree to the storage of your name and contact details, for the purpose of Hebridean Connections and our member historical societies contacting you to answer your queries or for research purposes. We reserve the right to use any information you provide in whatever way we deem appropriate to modify the content of a record.

The Hebridean Connections website is a historical site and its purpose is not to provide information about people who are still living. Please therefore refrain from contributing information about living individuals other than yourself to the discussion forum, and please note that enquiries about living people will not be posted.