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ID Name
Record Type Description
121741 K J Macdonald, Chemist, Stornoway Date Founded: 1899
Business A pharmacist’s had occupied the site at 29 Cromwell Street since at least 1899 when it was occupied by Samuel…
120928 Bank of Scotland, Portree
120887 Commercial Hotel, Stornoway
Business The Sail Loft and former Commercial Hotel in Stornoway are rare, surviving remnants of an era when fishing and the…
120220 John Brown’s Shipyard
119029 ENGIE
Business ENGIE is a French multinational utility company.
119028 Balfour Beatty
Business Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group.
117458 John Smith & Sons
Business John Smith & Sons was a butchers established by John Smith in the 1920s. It was located on the corner…
117454 W J Macdonald Date Founded: 1931
Business W J Macdonald was established in 1931 on 5 Francis Street, Stornoway by William John Macdonald. In 1975 Robert A…
117075 BT Group
Business The BT Group (formerly British Telecom) is a British telecommunications company. Its origins date back to the founding in 1846…
117074 Timex, Dundee
114643 Fjord Seafood Scotland Limited Date Founded: 1982
Business Fjord Seafood Scotland Farming Limited is a dormant (as of May 2019) marine aquaculture company, with registered offices in Edinburgh.…
112531 Loch Line Shipping
Business The Loch Line of Glasgow, Scotland, was a group of ill-fated colonial clippers, whose sailing ships plied between the United…
112530 Ford River Rouge Complex
Business The Ford River Rouge Complex is a Ford Motor Company automobile factory complex located in Dearborn, Michigan, along the Rouge…
112279 Hilton’s Shop
Business This shop was situated at 59 Cromwell Street, Stornoway. It was owned by a Mr Hilton from the mainland and…
111413 Cabarfeidh Hotel
Business The Cabarfeidh Hotel is located at Manor Park, Perceval Road South, Stornoway HS1 2EU.
111397 Ben Line Shipping
Business The Ben Line or Ben Line Steamers, Limited was a Scottish shipping company based in Leith, Scotland which pioneered the…
110268 Post Office / Shop, 52 Bayhead Street, Stornoway
Business Post Office and Shop, run by Abraham Langley.
110263 George Stewart, Draper, 1 to 3 Francis Street, Stornoway
109820 Chrysler/ Peugeot Car Plant
109796 Crown Hotel, Castle Street, Stornoway
Business The Crown Hotel is a small hotel situated on Castle Street, Stornoway.
109795 Post Office, Callanish
109176 Sprinkle Ranch, Chinook
109175 Henderson’s Garage, Stornoway
Business Henderson’s Garage had a long history, going back to stables and coaches travelling into rural areas in the mid-19th century.…
108142 Rolls Royce
107911 Prudential Insurance Company, Stornoway