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6 New Tolsta

6 New Tolsta

6 New Tolsta was a newly lotted croft in 1922; the first occupants were Donald Macdonald, Marjory Maclean and their son James as well as Donald's children with his first wife: Jessie, Joan, Christina and Donald John. The family had previously been living at 16 North Tolsta with Donald's parents and when they obtained 6 New Tolsta his parents, John Macdonald and Marion Mackay, moved there with them. At 6 New Tolsta Donald and Marjory had a further two chilren: Annie and John. Their daughter Joan became a cottar at 6 New Tolsta, but, in due course, 6 New Tolsta passed to their youngest daughter: Annie.

Annie Macdonald never married.

Donald Macdonald's second eldest daughter, Joan Macdonald married Alex Murray and the couple spent the first few years of their marriage, as cottars, at 6 New Tolsta and had their first three children there. They then moved to 23 New Tolsta and finally in 1959 to 12 North Tolsta.



Title: 6 New Tolsta
Record Type: Crofts and Residences
Gaelic Name: Taigh Dhomhnaill Mhic 'ioch
Type: Croft
Date Lotted: 1922
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 104066