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ECC 21/19? Eilean Croix - WALL (Undated), DYKE (Undated)

ECC 21/19? Eilean Croix - WALL (Undated), DYKE (Undated)


WALL (Undated)
DYKE (Undated)
Stone and turf wall of uncertain function and date


NB 39251 21854

Full description:

"The remains of this stone and turf wall can be seen eroding out of the western shore of Eilean Croix (located off the eastern end of Eilean Chalium Cille). Orientated from north to south, the remains are 15 metres long, up to 0.75 metres tall and primarily visible in the eroding face of the island shore immediately above the high water mark. This wall is situated in such a way that it lines the shore of Eilean Croix where access can be gained across a natural causeway from the headland promontory enclosure (19) at the east end of Eilean Chalium Cille. While access is only possible at low tide the wall would create an enclosure on the island at times when the causeway was open. The usage of the wall (agricultural, defensive etc) is impossible to define without further investigation, as is its relationship to the promontory enclosure at the eastern end of Eilean Chalium Cille (19). However, it does seem reasonable to surmise that at some point during its usage the wall was contemporary to those enclosing the promontory to the west. If this is the case it suggests a complex formation of enclosures (3 lines of enclosure) that, regardless of purpose, must have held considerable importance within the landscape." (Burgess 2004, 96-97)


Chris Burgess, Northamptonshire Archaeology. 2004. Northamptonshire Archaeology Archaeological Survey and Evaluation of Eilean Chalium Chille and the Putative Site of the Seaforth Head Castle. Part No Loch Seaforth Head Gazeteer.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.


Title: ECC 21/19? Eilean Croix - WALL (Undated), DYKE (Undated)
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: Dyke
SMR Record ID: MWE144733
Grid Ref Northing: 921854
Grid Ref Easting: 139251
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 31945