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ECC 33.13 Cromore (25)

ECC 33.13 Cromore (25)


BLACK HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
COW HOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)
LONGHOUSE (Post Medieval to Crofting - 1540 AD to 1950 AD)


NB 40267 21140

Full description:

"These fragmentary remains of a blackhouse are located on the croft 25 at Cromore, above the eastern shore of Loch Cromore. They measure 8 x 5 metres, are orientated from north-east to south-west and stand to a maximum height of 1.5 metres. The walls are constructed of stone faces with an earthen core, and the south-western wall has clearly been inserted when the structure was shortened, probably when the prefabricated house (34.2) was built. The presence of a single entrance, in the centre of the south-east facing wall, suggests that this remaining structure is the byre end of the house, with the dwelling located where the prefabricated building (34.2) now stands. A fragment of wall located 1 metre to the south of the prefabricated house (34.2) perhaps marks the south-western extent of this building giving former dimensions in the order of 15-18 x 5 metres. A later blocked opening can be seen in the current south-western wall." (Burgess 2004, 119)


Chris Burgess, Northamptonshire Archaeology. 2004. Northamptonshire Archaeology Archaeological Survey and Evaluation of Eilean Chalium Chille and the Putative Site of the Seaforth Head Castle. Part No Loch Seaforth Head Gazeteer.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.


Title: ECC 33.13 Cromore (25)
Record Type: Historical/ Archaeological Sites
Type: House
Period: Crofting (1850-1950 AD)
SMR Record ID: MWE144785
Grid Ref Northing: 921140
Grid Ref Easting: 140267
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 31995