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Peter Liddle

Peter Liddle

Peter Liddle married Janet Hamilton and the couple settled at Gress Farm.

One day a group of Tolsta men stopped at  Gress Farm on their way home from Royal Reserve training in Greenock and asked him for food. He provided some food and then one of the men, John Murray, tried to sell him a pig cheaply; there were some difficulties in this as neither was fluent in the others language. John was told by his friend, John Maclean, that the English word for span was fathom. So he ended up telling Peter that the pig was six fathoms in length.

Peter's daughter, Marion, married an Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers: John Macleod, of 58 North Tolsta.


Title: Peter Liddle
Record Type: People
Date of Marriage: 1857
Sex: Male
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 118014