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Malcolm Nicolson

Malcolm Nicolson

Malcolm (1920-1996) was a son of Malcolm Nicolson and Mary MacPhail, 27 Lemreway.  After his mother's death in 1922, Malcolm was raised at 19 Gravir by his maternal grandparents and his aunt Donaldina. He returned to Lemreway after his father remarried in c1928 but still spent his holidays in Gravir.

Malcolm served as a Leading Seaman in the RNR aboard HMS Tiercel and Hms Anson.  After serving in WW2 Calum became a policeman in Glasgow, and latterly returned to sea.

His memoirs tell of entertainments in Lemreway and walking the beat in Glasgow.

I Beginnings

II Aig an Obair

III Entertainments

IV At War

V Demobbed

VI Policing the Gorbals

VII Back at Sea

Title: Malcolm Nicolson
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Calum Chaluim Bhig
Date of Birth: 30-03-1920
Date of Death: 1996
Occupation: Fisherman, Policeman, Seaman
Sex: Male
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 40808