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Alexander Macdonald

Alexander Macdonald

Alexander Macdonald (1898-1981) was a son of John Macdonald and Mary Morrison, 1b Garyvard.

He enrolled in Royal Naval Reserve, S/Ns  DA16459, A11151, B7099, C6476 and D5970, on  June 8, 1917. His records indicate that he was 5ft 4½ in tall with dark brown hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. He was Mobilised and served in the First World War based at HMS Iolaire. Demobilised on April 23, 1919 Alexander was a fisherman on Stornoway registered fishing boat the Unity and in 1930 joined the Merchant Navy.

He travelled to the River Plate on the SS Penton, to Montreal on the SS Minnedosa, to New York on the SS Transylvania, to St John on the SS Montclare, to the Far East on the SS Nolisement, to South Africa on the SS Port Melbourne, to West Africa on the SS Rotorua, to Australia on the SS Pakeha, SS Karamea, SS Mahia, MV Wairangi and the SS Port Denison and to Venezuela on the SS Josephine Gray.

Alexander was Mobilised on January 31, 1940 and served with the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Based at HMS Pembroke and HMS President V and aboard HMS Chitral.  Alexander was Medically Discharged in June 1945 with Chronic Rheumatism and Fibrositis.

He was a bachelor.

Title: Alexander Macdonald
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Alasdair Iain an Floraig
Also Known As: Alasdair Beag an Floraig
Date of Birth: 29-11-1898
Date of Death: 1981
Occupation: Fisherman, Royal Navy,
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CEP 3974
Record Maintained By: CEP
Subject Id: 50829