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Addie Macdonald

Addie Macdonald

Addie was a daughter of Peter and Catherine Margaret nee Smith.

The following appeared in the Stornoway Gazette;

We mourn the passing of Addie O'Bryan-Tear (nee Macdonald) at her home in London on the 29th April. Addie was the daughter of Peter Macdonald (born in Bosta and lived in Kirkibost and Stornoway ) and Catriona Macdonald (nee Smith) of Keose, Lochs.) Addie's father Peter was well known in Stornoway as a retailer who had a shop on the site of the present Bank of Scotland. Sadly, Addie's husband, Mr. H. L. O'Bryan-Tear, had predeceased her. Addie was enthusiastic about the preservation of the Gaelic language, and was a leading member of the London gaelic choir for many years. She visited Bernera often in her youth staying at her uncle's house, Angus Macdonald (Dochart), at 7, Kirkibost. Addie's company was always enjoyable and she will be missed by the many folk who knew her. She was interred in the Bosta cemetery in the family lair. The service was conducted by the Revd. Ian Murdo Macdonald of Bernera and Ness. To her family of daughter Cathy, and sons Gillies and Nicholas, all the grand children and the extended family, the Bernera community extend their heartfelt sympathy


Title: Addie Macdonald
Record Type: People
Date of Death: 29-04-2006
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CEBL 262
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