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Elizabeth Maciver

Elizabeth Maciver

Elizabeth (1831-1877) was the daughter of Alexander Maciver and Isabella Maciver of 23 Old South Tolsta.

In 1851 the family moved to 14/15 North Tolsta during the croft relotting.

Elizabeth married John Morrison of 4 Lemreway. The address at which they had their first child is not known for sure, possibly Elizabeth's parental home, which by then would have been 14 North Tolsta, as Elizabeth's mother split the croft in 1854 and retained 14 North Tolsta.

John obtained 8 North Tolsta in 1855 and the couple had a further seven children there.


Title: Elizabeth Maciver
Record Type: People
Gaelic Name: Bess Alasdair Iomhair
Also Known As: Betsy
Date of Birth: 1831
Date of Death: 1877
Date of Marriage: 1853
Sex: Female
Bk Reference: CET 476
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 91222