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Evander Maciver

Evander Maciver

Evander (1791-1865) was the son of Evander Maciver and Mary Macleod. It is not certain where the family were living at the time of his birth, but it is likely they were in Old South Tolsta Tack.

By 1820 Evander's fathers name appear on the sub tenants list of Old South Tolsta Tack.

Evander married Christina Maclean, of Gress, but it is not known where they initially settled or where their first six children were born.

In 1830 they obtained 3 Old North Tolsta as a newly lotted croft and had one further child once settled there.

In 1853 the family obtained 11 North Tolsta.


Title: Evander Maciver
Record Type: People
Date of Birth: 1791
Date of Death: 1865
Sex: Male
Bk Reference: CET 635
Record Maintained By: CET
Subject Id: 91380