39761: King of Borva

Boat – King of Borva*
Reg. 1888

No. SY 388
35ft keel
2 masts, foresail, jib and jigger
15 ton
7 man crew
Line fishing and nets

Owner – Malcolm Macdoanld (Calum Ruadh), Thule, Tobson
Skipper – John Macdonald (Seonaidh Barabal), 18 Tobson

Mortgaged to Fishery Board – 16 shares to secure 117 plus 3.5%
Mortgage discharged July 1899

*In 1893 the crew of the King (as she was locally known) rescued the Bodach Beag and crew when their boat went on a rock at the Flannan Isles. Tormod Dhadhaibh was one of the crew on the King.

Record Type:
Also Known As:
the King
Date Of Registration:
Type Of Boat:
Fishing Boat
SY 388
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