39476: Gaelic School, Eishken

In 1831 the Gaelic School Society opened a school in Eishken and enrolled 35 pupils.

In Rev Robert Finlayson’s letter to the Gaelic School Society on 23 November 1831, he writes that “the bible class read with ease and perspicuity, acquitted themselves well at their spelling exercises and with the exception of a few irregular attendees, repeated the mothers catechism and the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism without committing a single error. There were eight adults, 3 of whom were married men. The advanced state of the school and the activity and decorum of the taught, reflect much credit on the teacher. As there is no necessity for continuing this for another year, I would suggest that the teacher be transferred to Kershader and district. There is no schoolhouse at present but if a teacher is granted, a commodious schoolhouse and other accommodation will be provided with all convenient speed. For although the people are depressed in circumstances yet the proprietor of this island is ever ready in affording materials and often gives pecuniary aid for this purpose”.

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