103864: 6 North Tolsta

6 North Tolsta was first tenanted by John Murray and Mary Macleod and their four children, but the family emigrated to Huron township, Ontario in 1853. The croft passed to Norman Macleod.

In 1855 Norman Macleod allowed widow Isabella Campbell and her two young children to become cottars at 6 North Tolsta. Norman’s son John was also a cottar at 6 North Tolsta prior to emigrating to Bruce County, Ontario, in the 1870s. 

The croft passed to Norman’s youngest son Norman Macleod.

Norman married Christina Maciver and had ten children. The croft passed to his son-in-law Hector Macmillan.

Hector Macmillian was married to Christina Macleod and they had eight children. The croft passed to their daughter Jessie Macmillan. Jessie married Alexander Macleod and had six children. The croft passed to her son.


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Croft or Residence
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