121744: 13b Calbost

The original crofting tenant of 13 Calbost was Kenneth Macleod (1776-1837) from Carloway. The croft was divided between his sons, John (1826-1887) and Neil (1834-1892). John obtained 13a and Neil 13b.

Neil passed the croft at 13b Calbost to his son-in-law, Norman Macleod and his widow Ann Macleod inherited 13a and 13b. The next tenant was Angus Finlayson (1874-1958) who was married to Neil’s daughter, Catherine.

13b Calbost passed to Malcolm Alexander Macleod (1919-1987) from 5 Garyvard. The family moved to 131 Newmarket and the croft was taken over by John Murdo Matheson along with 14 Calbost.

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Croft or Residence
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