12254: Valtos, Kinloch

Donald Maciver, in his Place-names of Lewis and Harris, writes: 

Valtos is a difficult name if we do not take MacBain’s interpretation of it as from valltar, ‘of the plain’…. I have met with valtar in North Dell and Liana Valtrum in Shawbost, both level fields. This corroborates MacBain’s. In which case we have valt-ass, the ridge of the plain.

There is a larger Valtos in Uig.

At one time, Valtos was held by seven tenants. They were cleared out to make a farm in the late 1820s.

One of the original tenants, Hector Macleod was thought to have moved to Valtos from Shieldinish.

In 1877, the Valtos moor grazings which had originally belonged to Balallan and which had been added to the farm at Valtos without reduction in the rent for the Balallan tenants, was returned to Balallan in supposed compensation for the larger area of land they lost to Linshader to the north, and Aline to the west.

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Croft or Residence
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Farm / Tack
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