1358: 2 Calbost

Donald Kennedy (1780-1830)  Domhnall Ruadhb, was the original tenant on 2 Calbost. He was one of the first seven crofters in the village at the time of the first lotting in 1818. He came via Southern Park and there is a suggestion that he may have been in Cromore for a while prior to coming to Calbost. The early Kennedys of Pairc (Balallan, Cromore, Calbost, Lemreway and Crossbost) were thought to have been of the same family.

For lack of land, there were four families living on 2 Calbost in the 1850s and never less than two families for the next century, until depopulation set in.

Donald died in 1830 and when his widow, Margaret Mackenzie (1782-1866) died the croft was split between sons Roderick (1822-1895) and Dugald (1821-1879). 2a went to Roderick and 2b to Dugald.

The croft is in two sections, having acquired an extension at the north end of the village in about 1901.

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