14945: 12 Calbost

Donald Mackenzie “Domhnuill Thormoid” (1819-1889) was the first crofting tenant on croft 12 Calbost. Croft 12 was one of the crofts that was created when the village was extended during the second lotting of the Island about 1852.

The new family white-house on 12 Calbost was built in the late 1890’s. The stonemason was Donald Macdonald “An Clachair”, 2-4 Kershader.

Donald (1819-1889) passed the croft at 12 Calbost to his son, Donald (1848) who passed it to his son, Donald (1889) a bachelor at 12 Calbost. Norman Campbell, 11a Marvig was the next tenant but he continued to live a 5 Garyvard.

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