19675: Viewfield, Breaclete

This house was built for Mary Mackenzie nee Macdonald, 5 Breaclete. Mary’s husband John was lost on the "Iolaire" on 1 January 1919 and she and her daughter Catherine lived with her parents-in-law at 8 Breaclete until her brother, Angus, feued off part of his croft at 5 Breaclete and a new house was built for her. With the help of many of the villagers, John Maciver "Iain Fhionnlaidh", 7 Breaclete, built the house using local stone, and clay from "Buail-a-chruich", Breaclete, for the sum of 100. The house was completed in 1938 and the date can be seen on the lintel of the north window. A later occupant, D.H.M.Maciver, extended the house adding a wing to the North.

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