2476: 5 Garyvard

5 Garraidh a Bhaird

It is believed that Alexander Smith and his wife Ann Macleod settled at 10 Garyvard and moved to 5 Garyvard however they do not appear on the 1841 Census for Pairc and only Ann, a widow, is in Garyvard in 1851. It is not known where they originated from.

The first known tenant was Alexander Macdonald (1801-1891)  Alasdair Aonghais  from 1 Keose  married to Margaret Smith (1803-1885) Peigi Alasdair daughter of Alexander Smith. The family moved to 10 Garyvard in 1870. Alexander Macdonald passed 5 Garyvard to his son, Alexander Macdonald (born 1829) Alasdair Alasdair Aonghais. The family later moved to Stornoway.

The next tenant of 5 Garyvard was Thomas Macdonald (1825-1894) Tomàs Iain Alasdair of  7 Garyvard. The family emigrated to North America in the 1860s and Donald Macleod (1831-1914)  Dòmnall Aonghais Dhòmnaill from Crobeg took over the tenancy. He passed the croft to his son, Donald Macleod (born 1856) Dòmnall Dhòmnaill Aonghais known as an Ballach Ruadh. The family moved to Stornoway.

The next tenant was Donald Macleod (1884-1951) Dòmnall Dhòmnaill Aonghais, Dubisean and he passed the croft to his son, Donald John Macleod (1916-1994) Dòmnall Iain Dhòmnaill Dhòmnaill,

 James Macmillan (1878-1943) Seumas Choinnich Dhonnchaidh and his wife Catherine Caitrìona Dhòmnaill Aonghais moved from Glasgow and settled in a small house at 5 Garyvard. After their death the house was occupied by Mary Ann (1903-1993) a Bhallaich Ruadh.

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