2869: 1 Calbost

Oral tradition tells us that Alexander Macleod, born 1796, the original tenant on 1 Calbost, was one of three brothers who came from Garenin, Carloway to Pairc early in the 19th century. It would appear that he came as a very young man to work the kelp along with the tacksman Robert Weir. When the village was first lotted in 1818 he was one of the original seven crofters.

The croft passed to Alexander’s son, Angus (1828-1901) then to Angus’s son, John (1860-1920) and finally to John’s son, Angus (1903-1992).

Alexander’s grandson, Iain Aonghas Alastair (b1861) was a stonemason who built many of the houses in the area, including his own in about 1901. His father Angus’s house had been a thatched house, which extended out the gable end of the new house through a communicating door. The ruin below the road and to the left is that of Kenneth Macleod, John’s brother, also built in the early years of the 20th century. The roofs of both were covered with canvas and coal tar. Two families occupied this croft for the first half of the century as there was no other land available.

The croft acquired an extension at the north end of the village in about 1901.

For more information on croft housing in Calbost and throughout the district, see Angus Macleod’s account.

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