67358: 4 Ruisgarry (Tarraloch)

4 Ruisgarry was created in the 1850 relotting of Ruisgarry by the Harris Estate. It lies within the area Tarraloch. The meaning of the name is unclear, but one possibility is that it derives from the Gaelic words tarr + loch. One meaning of tarr is tail, therefore ‘tail of the loch’. 

4 Ruisgarry was allotted to Neil MacAskill in 1850. On his death in 1873 the croft was divided into two, 4a Ruisgarry and 4b Ruisgarry. They were later recombined by Kenneth MacAskill. Following Kenneth’s death 4 Ruisgarry passed to his son Peter.

It later passed to John MacDonald.

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