67365: 10 Ruisgarry (Gunhill)

The croft at 10 Ruisgarry was created in the 1850 relotting of Ruisgarry by the Harris Estate. The area it lies within is known as Gunhill (Gaelic: Cnoc Gunna). Its name may be as it sounds, ‘knoll of the gun’, but an alternative suggestion, based on the fact that there was a dùn (fort) nearby, is that the name was originally Cnoc an Dùin or Cnoc Dhùin

Donald MacKillop was allotted 10 Ruisgarry in 1850. Following his death it was tenanted by his wife for a short time before passing to her brother Roderick Ferguson, and then to his son Roderick. When Roderick moved to Borve in 1900, the croft was passed to James MacAskill, then to son-in-law John MacLeod, then his daughter Marion Ann. The next tenant was Malcolm MacIsaac.


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