74221: Geo Dhubh, Rubha Mor

This was the home of fisherman Donald MacKinnon and his wife Ann during the 1870s, and living with them was Ann’s nephew Angus Paterson who inherited the property, living there with his wife and family. He kept a shop, selling tweed and groceries. In 1900 Angus obtained a croft at 20/21 Borve and moved there a year or so later with most of the family. Son Finlay was passed Geo Dhubh, running his own merchant business with the help of his wife and children. His daughter Bessie Burns Paterson later inherited the house, living there until her death in 1994.

The property, also known as Geodhu, is referred to as ‘house no 8’ in the croft history of the area.

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Croft or Residence
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