903: 13 Gravir

13 Grabhair

The first tenant of this croft was Murdo Matheson's widow Mary Macleod (1798-1873) from 23 Old Gravir and originally from 22 Old Gravir. 13 Gravir was passed to their son, John Matheson (1829-1903) and then to his son, Malcolm (1869-1918). Malcolm's family moved to Glasgow after his death and his brother-in-law Donald Campbell (1868-1943) from 18 Gravir, the husband of Mary Matheson (1874-1917) became the next tenant.

Donald Campbell passed the croft to his son, Roderick Campbell (1897-1986) who passed it to his eldest son.

Torquil Matheson (1811-1888) brother of Murdo, 22 Old Gravir was a Cottar on 23 Old Gravir and 13 Gravir . The family later obtained 5 Gravir.

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