921: 27 Gravir

27 Grabhair

The first tenant of this croft was John Maclennan (1818-1892) son of Roderick, 3 Altenish. The family moved to Stornoway and the croft was bought by Donald Matheson (1838-1913), son of Murdo, 13 Gravir. Donald passed 27 Gravir to his eldest son, Murdo (1871-1950) who passed the croft to his unmarried daughter, Annabella (1905-2001). Annabella passed 27 Gravir to her niece, Barbara in Stornoway.

Donald Matheson (1874-1945) Dòmhnall Dhòmhnaill Mhurchaidh was a Cottar on the croft. 

Isabella Matheson (1914-2005) Iseabail Mhurchaidh Dhòmhnaill married to Norman Macinnes, 36 Gravir were also Cottars on 27 Gravir.

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