924: 28 Gravir

28 Grabhair

The first tenant of this croft was Donald Maclennan (1812-1885) Dòmhnall Ruairidh  who came from Loch Shell. He passed 28 Gravir to his son-in-law, John Mackay (1838-1919) Iain Iain Dhòmhnaill  from 24 Gravir who passed the croft to his son, Donald Mackay (1880-1965)  who was the tenant and occupier in 1931. Donald passed the croft to his youngest son, Donald Mackenzie Mackay (1931-2013) who passed 28 Gravir to his eldest son.

John Mackay (1876-1948)  Iain Iain Iain was a Cottar on the croft as was Murdo Mackenzie (1852-1929) Murchadh Iain Dhòmhnaill  from 4 Gravir son-in-law of the first tenant.


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