933: 30 Gravir

30 Grabhair

The first tenant of this croft was Murdo Chisholm (1801-1874). The Chisholms came from the mainland to work as labourers for the parish minister at Keose. Murdo passed the croft to his eldest son, Angus (1831-1872) and after his death his widow and two remaining sons moved to Stornoway.

The croft at 30 Gravir was then passed to Murdo's son-in-law, John Matheson (1829-1880), 31 Gravir. He passed the croft to his son, Donald Matheson (1863-1921). Donald passed 30 Gravir to his son, John Matheson (1895-1950). John's son, Donald Matheson (1929-1992) was the next tenant and he passed the croft to his youngest son.

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