32791: Traigh na Berie – SHELL MIDDEN (Undated)


Midden, shell


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no. 30
On the outcrop rock at Gridige, projecting into the sea, is a small patch of highly concentrated shell midden. This is on the same outcrop around the base of which the boat noost (site 27 – SMR no. 1841) has been constructed. This material is not clearly of anthropogenic origin, but other explanations are equally difficult to formulate. It comprises a depth of up to 0.4m of mixed compacted shall fragments in a brown silty-sandy matrix. This overlies a thin band of darker soil over the outcrop rock. The midden ispreserved only in isolated small pockets in the bedrock.
Armit 1992, 55


Ian Armit. 1992. CFA, University of Edinburgh Archaeological Field Survey of the Bhaltos (Valtos) Peninsula, Lewis.
Burgess, Christopher & Church, Michael. 1997. 2 volumes, surveyed 1996, covering the 100m above the high tide line, and the intertidal zone. Coastal Erosion Assessment, Lewis. A Report for Historic Scotland.


Information provided by Western Isles Council Sites & Monuments Record, January 2006.

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Historical or Archaeological Site
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Shell Midden
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